A Message from HexarAI Co-founders

A Message from HexarAI Co-founders

The following is a message from HexarAI co-founders.

Dear Friends,

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey—a moment we've eagerly awaited and tirelessly worked towards. We are thrilled to announce the official launch of HexarAI!

For us, Tony and Mohsen, this day represents the culmination of months of dedication, perseverance, and a shared vision to revolutionize the way solopreneurs and small businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence. From the inception of HexarAI, our mission has been clear: to empower individuals like you with sophisticated AI tools that simplify operations, drive growth, and foster innovation.

Why HexarAI?

As solopreneurs ourselves, we know firsthand the challenges of wearing multiple hats and juggling countless tasks and responsibilities when running a one-person business. There's never enough time or energy to get everything done, despite working around the clock. We started feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and questioning if the solopreneur lifestyle was sustainable.

That's when the idea for HexarAI was born. What if we could leverage the power of artificial intelligence to be our extra pair of hands? To handle some of those tedious, repetitive tasks that drain our time and focus? To provide a cognitive boost and help us work smarter, not harder?


We envisioned an AI toolset tailor-made for the solopreneur — a companion to streamline our daily operations, boost our productivity and creativity, and allow us to focus on the high-level, strategic work that really moves the needle. An AI helper to lighten our load and amplify our capabilities as solo business owners. At HexarAI, we understand firsthand the challenges faced by solopreneurs—juggling multiple roles, managing time constraints, and striving for sustainable growth. This understanding has been the driving force behind our endeavor to develop intuitive AI solutions that not only streamline everyday tasks but also provide actionable insights to fuel your success.

A Commitment to Excellence

As co-founders, we stand committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of HexarAI. From our robust support team ready to assist you round the clock, to our continuous innovation cycle aimed at staying ahead of industry trends, your satisfaction and success are at the heart of everything we do.

We've walked the solopreneur journey and understand the hustle and grind intimately. HexarAI was crafted with solopreneurs in mind because you deserve tools that empower your autonomy and success. We can't wait to see what you'll achieve when you have the full force of AI amplifying your efforts.

Let's Shape the Future of AI Entrepreneurship Together

This is just the beginning. As HexarAI continues to evolve with new features and models, our mission remains the same: To be the trusted AI companion that allows solopreneurs to fully thrive. We're in your corner, every step of the way.

To exploring, building, and growing — solo, but not alone.

Tony and Mohsen, founders at HexarAI

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